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While everyone pushes SEO, ranking and conversions, I listen to who you are and then deliver what you actually need.
  • Beautiful, clear and engaging sites
  • Easy for visitors to navigate
  • Manage your own content

You dream, we design, I deliver

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Let's start with the basics...

If you need a website I will help make it happen - simple as that. Starting from scratch or working to an exact spec I've got you covered with build, training and after-care.


Example websites and some very short case studies to give you a flavour of what I do.
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Including websites, print design, copywriting and support with all things online.
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Most of my work is repeat customers and referrals. See why my customers stay with me.
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Technology with purpose

I provide fast, secure websites and a friendly human to work with. I'm especially keen to help people who do positive things such as small charities and other good causes.
As we work, I will learn about what you offer and what drives you. This allows us to improve how you communicate and connect with your audience.
Your website build allows us to better understand your project or business, and how to present it most effectively to the world, online and in person.


Over 20 years I've built a lot of different sites for a wide range of uses. My portfolio includes charities, local businesses, law firms, translation services and colleges, directories, membership sites, learning platforms and e-commerce.
I provide hosting and email, and help set-up and connect with services like Office 365 mail, CRMs, Mailchimp, Paypal, Stripe and many others.

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Recovery Devon
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Coaction Solutions
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Somerset RC
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Carolina Read
Barbara Burgess

About Me

My start was in creating workshops for the support sector, using digital media to deliver education and life skills to vulnerable people. Clear communication was always the most important thing. Often working with small projects I was involved in all aspects, writing funding bids, building studios, teaching, sound engineering, assessment and reports. I know technology but I also understand what makes a business succeed and how to connect with people.

A website is not just words and pictures, it's a window into the heart of your business or project. Building your site is a chance to look anew at who you are and how you present yourself. My clients often gain new insights as we work, a fairly unique benefit of a web designer with my business and personal skills.

Now I deliver portfolio and SME websites, with a specialism in working with CICs and other non-profits.


Feel free to browse some more or get in touch. I'm happy to discuss your project, help you develop a funding bid, build a project plan or get started if your site is already mapped out.

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I help others with social and so neglect my own. Don't worry if there's nothing to see - business very much continues.
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