I'm Mike Smith, a unique mix of writing expertise, business experience and coding skills
- with a dash of art.

I create and refine sales-targeted content online and on paper.

Not only has he brought fresh ideas to Recovery Devon but always with a can-do attitude. For every challenge Mike will endeavour to find a solution and his impact on our small company has been transforming.

Recovery Devon - Mental Health CIC

Work: website, marketing, policies, funding and events.

About Smithy

I specialise in creating a compelling message in your voice across online and offline marketing, for an efficient sales-engine that still has a human heart.

When I write for you I do so with first-rate language skills and a real-world understanding of what sells. A balanced blend of eloquence and business sense.

I also design for print and code for the web. I advise on content with a solid knowledge of what is possible and what is most effective.

If you are looking for innate intelligence and creativity combined with technical skills and commitment then Mike is the one for you.

Guinness Partnership

Work: marketing, annual reports, funding and training materials.


Whether creating an online personality or having to present a letter-perfect report, I craft the words to ensure you make the best possible impression.

He has the knack of being able to understand the essence and meaning behind a customer's words and craft that into a strong, compelling marketing message.

CTC - Marketing Strategy

Work: brand, website, marketing materials.


I produce complete branding and promotional materials. With strong linguistic and visual skills I create reports and turn them into beautiful presentations.

Our company is a bit quirky and we wanted something that reflected that. Mike got us straight away and came up with a great brand.

Treefish - Creative Training

Work: brand, website, funding, marketing and training materials.


I’ve managed multi-million value projects and understand what works in the real world: business drivers dictate everything I do. I'm always happy to help you market smarter.

Mike has both the skill and talent to fully understand a clients needs and turn them into something spectacular without losing focus.

wPUPdate - Website Security

Work: brand, website, marketing strategy.


While fluent in code, I develop sites aimed at driving sales. I can make it fancy, but prefer to create simple sites which work across devices. I also offer hosting.

Mike's also extremely helpful and patient with questions and head-scratching from the technophobes among us.

James Auden - Business Coach

Work: brand, website, marketing strategy, brochures.

Everything in one place

I don’t know anyone else who can write effective content, design it, manage the technical aspects of web development and who understands people and business. If you don’t either we should…

Mike is an amazing copywriter. He seems to be able to read between the lines of what I have written and turn it into exactly what I would have liked to have written had I been as good at it as him! I sometimes wonder 'How did he know that?' but he is always spot on in information and tone.

Barbara Burgess - Success Coach


07455 744454


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  • Confidentiality

    I am happy to produce work under a non-disclosure agreement if required.

    Such work might be pre-patent product materials, financial reporting, business planning, confidential documents or work for which you wish to retain credit and copyright.

    Contact me if you need further information.

  • Clients for whom I have done such work include:

    These clients were happy to be acknowledged, only the work itself is confidential.

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