I'm Mike Smith, a unique mix of writing expertise, business experience and coding skills - with a dash of art.

I create and refine sales-targeted content online and on paper.

About Smithy

I specialise in finding the right words, look and format to pull all the elements of your marketing together into an efficient sales-engine that still has a human heart.

When I create for you I do so with first-rate technical knowledge and a real-world understanding of what sells. A balanced blend of business and technology.

Because I code and write business reports, I can create websites, content and promotional material in one, saving time, money and ensuring a consistent brand and message.


Whether creating an online personality or having to present a letter-perfect report, I can craft the words to ensure you make the best possible impression.


I develop sites aimed at driving sales. I can add effects, but prefer to create simple sites which work across devices. I also offer hosting.


I produce complete branding and promotional materials. Being able to copywrite and design I can create reports and turn them into beautiful presentations.


I’ve managed multi-million value projects and understand what works in the real world. Business drivers dictate everything I do, and I'm always happy to help you market smarter.

Everything in one place

I don’t know anyone else who can write effective content, design it, manage the technical aspects of web development and who understands people and business. If you don’t either we should…


Mike and I have worked together on countless customer projects. Whenever I have a client who is looking to “say it with words” I always turn to Mike. He has the knack of being able to understand the essence and meaning behind a customer’s words and craft that into a strong, compelling marketing message. He is also brilliant at translating that marketing message into design and across digital in the form of websites and branding materials.

Mandy Swift

I’d put off the website for months because I didn’t have time, but Mike broke it down into such small and simple tasks that I was able to complete each one until it was done. I’m delighted with it.

Gemma Makoric

Our company is a bit quirky and we wanted something that reflected that. Mike got us straight away and came up with a great brand followed by a brilliant website that’s perfect for us.

Sanchia Hylton-Smith

Mike’s extensive web-building skills are matched by his creative flair and he delivers on-time and on-message, every time.

Not only has he brought fresh ideas to Recovery Devon but always with a can-do attitude. For every challenge Mike will endeavour to find a solution and his impact on our small company has been transforming.

Recovery Devon Logo
James Wooldridge

Mike did an excellent job on my website and as a copywriter helped hugely with translating my offering into web-friendly words. He’s also extremely helpful and patient with questions and head-scratching from the technophobes among us.

If you are looking for innate intelligence and creativity combined with technical skills and commitment then Mike is the one for you.

Hazel Craddock

Mike has both the skill and talent to fully understand a clients needs and turn them into something spectacular without losing focus.

His copywriting flare is exceptional as is his ability to convert the copy into a customer facing website. I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a Copywriter / Web Designer.

Nigel Hellewell

Mike is an amazing copywriter. He has recently redesigned my website (which I’m really pleased with) and has also done some other writing work for me. He seems to be able to read between the lines of what I have written and turn it into exactly what I would have liked to have written had I been as good at it as him! I sometimes wonder ‘How did he know that?’ but he is always spot on in information and tone.

Mike is a very detailed and skilled web builder, with vast knowledge in marketing and promoting. Not only has he helped raise our profile but he has also designed a robust evidence and outcome based recording system. Mike is always a call away to help with any technical issues and advice on reporting.

Rachel Raper

Mike is friendly, reliable and responsive. Being a bit of a technophobe, Mike put me at ease straightaway, reassured me and encouraged me to get on with a task I had been procrastinating about for some time. I was particularly impressed with Mike’s editing skills and ability to help me present myself and my abilities.


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