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Not fancy, just effective

I help you solve technology and creative issues, so that you can stay focussed on your job.

How I Help

How I help

The main thing I do is make life easier. I’ve spent years in computing and you get all my experience in design, web, digital media, code, networking and much more. Pick up the phone and I’ll help with a whole range of things, from email troubles to writing an advert, patiently and with the minimum of technical fluff.


I use WordPress to create clear, engaging websites with all the features your visitors expect.

Rather than clever but confusing animations and tricks, I focus on ease of use and showcasing your work. This approach also keeps costs down, making it ideal for a small business, start-up, artist Рanyone who wants to make a good impression on a budget.

You can find a portfolio, along with some super-interesting technical bits, on my lovely web page.


Working in any field it’s easy to forget that many people don’t understand the terminology you take for granted.

I shape your message so that it connects to your audience to sell, teach, inform or entertain. From precise technical papers to humorous articles I help you say it beautifully.

A Masters in Creative Writing, years of teaching and broad business experience mean I can write just about anything.


Good design makes your message stronger. You want to be eye-catching without being too busy and obscuring your brand or idea.

From logo to landing page, business card to brochure, I deliver the right look and the right content to interest and engage your customers.

I’ve developed materials for diverse clients including banks, supported housing projects, accountants, dress-makers, coaches, therapists and more. You can see some on my page of nice things.


Not everyone has time to deal with technology and it’s ever changing forms – but I rather enjoy it.

Help setting up Paypal, recovering lost files on a hard drive, editing together video, laptop buying advice or repair – all manner of tweakery and such can be yours!

If having a nerd in your pocket sounds like a useful thing, give me a call. Some of the wonders I perform are here:

What People Say

Recovery Devon CIC

Not only has he brought fresh ideas to Recovery Devon but always with a can-do attitude. For every challenge Mike will endeavour to find a solution and his impact on our small company has been transforming.

Work: website, marketing, policies, funding and events.

The Guinness Partnership

If you are looking for innate intelligence and creativity combined with technical skills and commitment then Mike is the one for you.

Work: marketing, annual reports, funding and training materials.

CTC Marketing

He has the knack of being able to understand the essence and meaning behind a customer’s words and craft that into a strong, compelling marketing message.

Work: brand, website, marketing materials.

Treefish Training

Our company is a bit quirky and we wanted something that reflected that. Mike got us straight away and came up with a great brand.

Work: brand, website, funding, marketing and training materials.


Mike has both the skill and talent to fully understand a clients needs and turn them into something spectacular without losing focus. His copywriting flare is exceptional as is his ability to convert the copy into a customer facing website.

Work: brand, website, marketing strategy.

James Auden

Mike’s also extremely helpful and patient with questions and head-scratching from the technophobes among us.

Work: brand, website, marketing strategy, brochures.

Barbara Burgess

Mike is an amazing copywriter. He seems to be able to read between the lines of what I have written and turn it into exactly what I would have liked to have written had I been as good at it as him! I sometimes wonder ‘How did he know that?’ but he is always spot on in information and tone.

Work: brand, website.

The Difference

For years I developed digital systems and educational workshops to support people with additional needs. My work was about enabling them to communicate, create and connect with others.

I bring this person-centered approach to my clients, who often say I take the fear out of computing, explaining and solving problems clearly.

Get In Touch

I’m happy to talk over what you need. If I don’t have the solution I’ll advise you on who might, or what you can do next.

07455 744454

I manage social media for several clients and lack the will to also run my own. There are reviews but I rarely ever post anything.

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