In a nutshell

When you need something like a new leaflet it often feels like you have two choices – to make your own badly thrown together word document with dodgy clip-art, or pay huge sums to an agency.

I sit happily in between, able to provide professional design at a price which is affordable for small businesses.

Whether you need a new logo or a total brand redesign, I will help create something which represents the values of your brand in the most appropriate style.

Pretty Things

These are a few things I created. Click them for a larger version. Some will be low quality versions by client request.

+ Website, branding, adverts, email campaigns.

+ Banners, web design, leaflets, business cards.

+ Website, logo, posters, business cards.

Magazine advert
+ Brochure, banners, business cards and leaflets.

+ Branding, website, banners, business cards.

+ Branding, business card, website.

Annual Report.
+ Website, posters, flyers, info & training materials.

Community Project Card
+ Website, posters & leaflets.


Click logos to see their websites, which I also created.

Community Project.

James Quinney
Legal Coach.

Carolina Read

James Auden
Business Coach.

Dare2 Be You

Barbara Burgess
Success Coach.


These are starting prices just to give an idea. For more complex work the cost will vary.

New logo £70
Business Card £75

Art and words provided

2 sided A5 leaflet £75
A4 Brochure £35 + £25 per page

I source art and write words

2 sided A5 leaflet £120
A4 Brochure £55 + £35 per page

I’m quite nice!

These prices are a ballpark. I’ll always talk a job through and help find a way to get you what you need within your budget.

Get In Touch

I'm happy to talk over what you need. If I don't have the solution I'll advise you on who might, or what you can do next.

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