In a nutshell

Whatever I can do I will, for not silly money, in a way that never leaves you baffled.

Basic training or help with:
Word, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, WordPress, Email setup, buying laptops, printers etc.

Production of
Documents, images, video, music

Repair / restore / upgrade
Laptops, PCs, data recovery, cleaning a hacked WordPress site

I do a lot of things. If in doubt, it’s free to ask 🙂


I spent 15 years using technology to help support people with all manner of difficulties. One day I’d teach autistic young people how to make video, the next I’d help older adults understand the internet.

I taught music production, guitar, song-writing, percussion, filming, video production, animation, photography, websites, spreadsheets, desk-top publishing, graphic design, building computers and networks and much else besides – having to it all in the clearest possible way. I got very good at it.

When I talk to you it’s not a mess of jargon, just a simple conversation.

All my nerd skills are yours, with none of the geek speak 🙂



Who knows! I’ve helped tiny charities get a film of their event for under £100, and charged a big tech firms £3k to set-up a network.

Simple jobs are cheap, like adding memory or changing a hard drive. Tough jobs cost more, like removing a virus or replacing a Macbook screen.

Depending on how difficult the problem is, and on how lovely the work you do, I’ll charge between £15 and £45ph.

Nerdy but nice

If what you do helps others, I’ll work for much smaller peanuts.

Get In Touch

I'm happy to talk over what you need. If I don't have the solution I'll advise you on who might, or what you can do next.

New Field

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I manage social media for several clients and lack the will to also run my own. There are reviews but I rarely ever post anything.