In a nutshell

You may do as little or as much as you wish. If you want to do nothing I can:

  • Find and buy a domain (e.g.
  • Find all the images and write engaging content
  • Create the site itself
  • Host your site (give it a place to live)
  • Put essential SEO in place, so you can be found
  • Set-up email so people can contact you

Essentially I do everything to take you from no site to full web-presence with as little or as much input from you as you wish.

The nerd stuff

I use WordPress with a theme framework. It takes a little time to learn, but if you wish it means you can have control of your site, edit text, change images and similar things. Alternatively I can do that for you.

If you want your own hosting it’s best to get Linux as it requires PHP, although I can work with Windows. My hosting has free SSL, the latest stable PHP version, 2GB of web-space and up to 5 email addresses.

It’s always easier to see, so here are a few examples of my doings:

Linguistic screening service.

Mental Health CIC.

Learning community & courses.

Natural health food store.

Local wine shop.

Solicitor & Legal Coach

Suicide prevention CIC

Yoga tutor in Bournemouth


This is just to give you a ball-park. Every site is unique and I quote each job after a chat to help you get the most out of your budget.

You supply all the words and pictures:

Simple One-Page website £295
Advanced multi-page site £495

I supply all the words and pictures:

Simple One-Page website £495
Advanced multi-page site £795

Twiddly bits

My fully managed hosting £127 Per Year
Per hour work £35

Charities and Good Causes

I offer discounted rates for charities, including 50% off hosting and hourly rates of £15 for light work, £25 for technical work.

Get In Touch

I'm happy to talk over what you need. If I don't have the solution I'll advise you on who might, or what you can do next.

New Field

12 + 8 =

07455 744454

I manage social media for several clients and lack the will to also run my own. There are reviews but I rarely ever post anything.