In a nutshell

The right words do not always come easily. Over-sell and you put people off, under-play and you lose their engagement. You need to understand what your audience wants and the most effective way of giving it to them.

With a writing MA and years in communications I have come to understand how to gauge and then reach almost any audience, to sell, educate, entertain or inform.

In a fluid and informal way I draw out what you need and spin it into the perfect words to achieve your goal.

Some Words

Among other things I have written copy:


Websites, training & assessment materials, funding bids, marketing brochures, instruction manuals, self-help works, charities, mental health support materials, cosmetic surgery blogs, music reviews, pitch documents, wine notes, CVs, legal documents and a partridge in a… nope, didn’t do that.


UK wide, Spain, Germany, Holland, Canada and Australia.


A linguistic screening and translation company where every syllable has to be right. Solicitors and legal firms where there is no room for ambiguity. Six-figure funding bids for national companies. Marketing agencies with in house copywriters, because sometimes you need that x-factor. Big name banks where you need to match their brand voice. Mental health charities where clarity and accessibility are key. Colleges, life coaches, film-makers, therapists, beauty salons and more.


New copy where I research topic and content

£50 for 500 words
£35 per 500 thereafter

Copy where the topic and simple notes are provided

£35 per 500 words
£25 per 500 thereafter

For specialist work such as legal or scientific documents there may be a surcharge for the additional research required..

Charities and Good Causes

I offer discounted rates for charities and good causes, normally at 50% off.

Get In Touch

I'm happy to talk over what you need. If I don't have the solution I'll advise you on who might, or what you can do next.

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